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Christian Bracelets for Men and Women


Christian Leather Bracelets

It is hard to describe the most popular Christian jewelry of today, but I like to refer to it as tribal. Having a necklace and bracelet made of hemp, cords, rubber tubing and other rustic materials is a big hit. Mix these elements with pewter or stainless steel beads and pendants and you have a sure winner for your teen-ager or young adult. We bracelets of leather, woven hemp, and rope bracelets. These are all hand crafted with string, beads, rocks, shells, coins and other cool stuff.



Silver Stretch Bracelets and Charms,

In the inspirational bracelet category, we have a nice selection of stretch bracelets with the Christian ichthus fish and the cross charms. Scripture bracelets are also in style, with verses inscribed on the metal or the beads. These themed charm bracelets focus our attention on Jesus, allowing us the opportunity to share our faith with others.



Salvation and Scripture Bracelets

The salvation bracelet has been a staple among those who our witnessing, especially when teaching children. The bracelet is easy to make and many use it as both a lesson and a craft project. All you need is a piece of string and 5 colors of beads; yellow, white, red, black and green. As a Christian witness bracelet this helps you tell the story of Jesus by giving you a bead to remember each point of the discussion, which is God, Sin, Jesus, Forgiveness and new life.

Ichthus Fish and Cross Bracelets

In this age of political correctness and tolerance, the silent witness is a great way to make a statement of your faith without risking the chance of getting fired or frowned at. While you may not be permitted to say "Merry Christmas", it is not forbidden to wear a cross or ichthus symbol bracelet, earrings or necklace. These Christian symbols often say what you believe without you having to say much. But if they ask, you should be ready to explain what these symbols mean.