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Jesus Fish Car Emblems, Christian Bumper Stickers, and more

Truth Eating Darwin Fish


Christian Fish Symbol | Jesus Fish Emblem, Darwin Fish, and More

For the car enthusiast in your life, Planet Ichthus offers many Christian car emblems. In shades of silver and gold, there is an emblem to suit any taste. Great for Christian men and women alike, as well as young and old, the Christian car emblems make wonderful gifts for graduations, Christmas, or just because.

Choose from subtle and beautiful crosses, Ichthus Fish symbol emblems, Jesus fish, Darwin fish being eaten by a Truth fish, a simple “God Rules,” or many more. Show your love for Jesus to everyone on the road, and spread the message of love.


Christian Bumper Stickers | Religious Bumper Stickers, Funny Bumper Stickers, and More

Christian bumper stickers are inspirational and fun. Great gifts for teen drivers, and grown ups with a sense of humor, Planet Ichthus has a range of bumper stickers. From religious bumper stickers like a simple dove, cross, or Jesus Fish, to funny bumper stickers that show off your faith with wit, to edgy stickers that show how serious you are about your faith, you’ll find Christian bumper stickers for everyone at Planet Ichthus.

Planet Ichthus also offers Christian auto emblems, Christian window decals, and other Christian gifts. Check out our selection of Christian jewelry and home décor.


New Creation Bumper StickerChristian Window Stickers & Decals | Christian Stickers, Religious Decals, and More

Find inspirational and funny Christian decals for your home or car at Planet Ichthus. Be a witness and show your love for Jesus everywhere you go. These decals make great Christian gifts for women, men, and youth, too.

Planet Ichthus offers Christian stickers for windows, like a family praying at the foot of the cross together, or a boy with a bible. Find Christian decals of children praying at the cross. And don’t forget to check out our selection of Christian license plates and frames - Including Dove and Fish - and Christian bumper stickers.


Christian Gift Store - Planet Ichthus

With a variety of Jesus fish car emblems, unique Christian bumper stickers, Christian jewelry and home décor,to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect, inspirational Christian gift for women, for men, and for youth in your life.

We have many Christian auto emblems, like Ichthus fish, Jesus fish, and even Truth fish eating Darwin fish emblem. Our window decals and Christian bumper stickers are great gifts for Christian teen drivers.

Decorate your home with stylish Christian home décor. Our Christian jewelry makes wonderful gifts for any occasion. Lapel pins, rings, necklaces, and pocket crosses keep faith close.


Christian Gifts | Christian Gifts for Men, Women & Children

Find unique and personal Christian gifts at Planet Ichthus. Choose from Christian home décor, Christian bumper stickers, Christian jewelry, and much more. Planet Ichthus is dedicated to providing beautiful, stylish, and inspirational Christian gifts for any occasion.

Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, confirmation, and more, Planet Ichthus has Christian gifts for men and women. Find jewelry (including lapel pins and purity rings), Christian car emblems (including Jesus Fish symbol, window decals, and bumper stickers), pocket crosses, and more.


Christian Pocket Crosses | Give the Gift of a Christian Reminder

Find Christian pocket crosses at Planet Ichthus. A beautiful gift for any Christian, the pocket cross is a gentle reminder to live a life that glorifies God. It’s a reminder and a comfort that, no matter where you are, God is near. Planet Ichthus also offers pocket coins, or prayer coins. Give one to your child or friend so they can carry an inspiration prayer or verse from scripture with them wherever they go. A pocket cross or prayer coin makes a perfect gift for a graduating high school senior, a friend who is moving, or anyone else.

Help remember that God is always present with a pocket cross. Also check out our selection of Christian jewelry, Christian keychains and apparel.


Christian Rings - Ichthus FishChristian Jewelry | Christian Rings, Christian Bracelets, and More

Give the perfect gift to Christian men and women. Planet Ichthus offers stylish, faithful jewelry and accessories that make ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays, confirmation, graduations, and any other special occasion.

Choose from Christian rings, including Ichthus rings, purity rings, Christian bracelets, earrings and more. Find the perfect cross necklace, or a cross ring. Keep Jesus close with our pocket crosses. Check out Planet Ichthus’ selection of Christian clothing and apparel, too. Proudly affirm your faith with these beautiful and stylish gifts.


Christian Clothing | Christian Apparel and Accessories for Men and Women

Planet Ichthus offers a range of Christian apparel and accessories. These make perfect gift s for all the Christians in your life. Christian shirts are great gifts for teens and youth, and make good graduation gifts, birthday gifts, and more. For the Christian men you know, Planet Ichthus has a selection of tie hooks, lapel pins, and more. Christian women can choose from a wide range of beautiful and inspirational jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Be sure to also check out the bumper stickers for Jesus, car emblems, window decals, and home décor at Planet Ichthus.


Christian Home Decor & Christian Art | Wall Cross, Christian Picture Frame, and More Gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect Christian gift, check out the Christian home décor at Planet Ichthus. Find a beautiful and stylish hanging cross for your wall, a picture frame with a touching scripture verse to put on your mantel, Christmas ornaments, and spiritual sculptures. These make wonderful thank you gifts for church volunteers, new families, Christmas, housewarming, and more.

For more inspirational gifts, look through Planet Ichthus’ selection of Christian jewelry, apparel, fish auto emblems, Christian bumper stickers, and more.



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